Pages from Catherine Stock's Sketchbook
Most of the watercolors below were done with students of my French painting classes.
I have indicated which are available for purchase. Prices range between 175 and 375 euros,
depending largely on size, detail and how much I personally value them.

View from Domme (available)                                         Flower study (available)
Red flowers (available)                         Saint Cirq-Lapopie (available)                                               

Easter flowers (available)
                                       Mixed flowers (sold)

Sheep farmer near Miers (sold)                                       Strawberry seller in Martel market (available)
Thegra 2005 (available)                                                                               Flower market in Gramat (available)

Vide grenier, Gramat (sold)                                      Cut fruit (sold)

Rignac 2007 (sold)                                                      Autoire valley (sold)

Martel market sketch (sold)                                                     Rocamadour pigeonnier (sold)       
Chateau near Souceyrac (available)
Rocamadour (available)                                                                         Villefranche-sur-Mer (available)

Loubressac church (sold)                          Olive seller in St Céré (available)                          Prangères (sold)

Autoire (available)                                                                                Rocamadour (available)

 Loubressac gate (available)                                                            Potiron (sold)       çit

Gramat market (available)                                                               Loubressac houses (available)

Abbey in Marcillac-sur-Célé (sold)                   Sunflower (available)                       Miers (sold)

Vegetables (sold)                                                                                         Basket weaver (available)

Pots (sold)                                                                                         Pots and peaches (available)

Rignac farmhouse with chickens (sold)                                                              Rocamadour falaises (available)

Marcillac cafe (available)                                                                    Garlic seller (sold)
Rocamadour pigeonier (available)                                      Brioude (available)

Autoire valley (sold)                                                                           Darnis (sold)

Falaises above Floirac (available)                                                    Sheep (available)

Rignac valley (sold)                                                                                                       Belcastel (sold)

Cardaillac tower (available)                                 Rignac (sold)

Rignac from the prairie (sold)                                                                Rocamadour valley (available)

Donkey (sold)                                                                          Cardaillac umbrella (sold)

Couzou(sold)                                                                                Falaises above Dordogne near Floirac (available)

Buoux, in the Luberon (available)                                                        View of Roumegouse from Alvignac (sold)

Coq (sold but posters available for 10 euros)                         Gramat market (sold)

Farmhouse in Pennsylvania (sold)                                                         White cat (sold) ∑W

Limpopo river valley (not available)                                                                            Chateau above Floirac (sold)
Kerala house and stream (not available)                                             Kerala market (not available)

Kerala fisherman (not available)                                                                                  Coquelicots (sold)

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